Jason, I did figure out that Alabama does in fact have a transitive loss to NMSU.

New Mexico State beat Auburn

Auburn beat Arkansas

Arkansas beat FIU


UCONN beat Rice

Rice beat Houston

Houston beat WVU

WVU beat Texas Tech

Texas Tech beat Kansas

Kansas beat OU

OU beat Texas

Texas beat Alabama

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Dec 4, 2023Liked by Jason Kirk

LSU-WIS tailgate >>>> LSU-WIS game

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I was thinking about this earlier today....if Alabama had lost to Auburn, but still beat Georgia, who gets into the playoffs? I think it's 11-1 non-conference champion Georgia, probably at the expense of Texas. Because the SEC just has an automatic bid to this thing, and it means someone else is going to get hosed. The whole thing is a sham because one conference gets to play by different rules.

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I think that's what it would've taken to make the SEC's case so bad that not even the CFP would argue it. FSU at 3, since Texas would no longer have a win over a particularly impressive Bama, and then Texas at 4 with head to head over Bama. But this is all based on 2014-2022 "pretend we give a shit" committee

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