This is without a shadow of a doubt the single worst thing I have read on either side of the abortion debate, and definitely one of the 3 worst attempts at making sense of scripture I've ever seen. Just stick to whatever you do that isn't bad scripture reading

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Maybe the term 'abortion' is just too abstract. Having the affair reduced to a simple term misses the nuance. And of course, late term abortion is a wee bit different from the 15 week limit most civilized countries have mandated.

For the later term, instead of 'abortion', how about "The medical procedure where a woman goes to the clinic and has the viable fetus extracted by grabbing its head --which does have a brain and active brainwaves--- with forceps, crushing and turning said head until it snaps off from the torso before cutting off limbs and sucking those out, only to scoop out the remaining torso and its once beating heart."

More descriptive--and accurate too.

Do you even know what an 'abortion' is? [Hint: It's not a choice.] 3 minutes of your time. Watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5Af8vIym2o&t=2s [You won't--but you'll sure as hell write about it.]

The Bible doesn't explicitly refer to abortion because its writers never contemplated anything quite so grostesque.

But sure, your post really nails those biblical pro-lifers to the cross!

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