Jason Kirk's Atlanta book launch party, featuring the Shutdown Fullcast live

  • Friday, February 16, 7 p.m. at Monday Night Brewery’s Garage in Atlanta

  • Live “Church Disasters” show by the Shutdown Fullcast with guests TBA

  • Hell Is a World Without You readings (funny ones), signings, Q&A, etc.

  • $7 MNB drink coupon with many more drinks available (they also sell pizza)

  • Copy of Hell Is a World Without You with exclusive Atlanta Mission Trip 2024 sticker (already ordered the book? Awesome! Gift-able!)

  • 100% of show proceeds, in addition to all other book proceeds by that point, to the Trevor Project

  • Tickets between now and Friday, December 1: $30

  • Tickets as of Saturday: more than $30

For the first time in over four years, you are looking literally live at the world’s only college football podcast, the Shutdown Fullcast. Our previous live shows (Atlanta, Ann Arbor, Austin, Birmingham, Charlotte, Houston, Jacksonville) have all been stupid fun, and that remains the goal. For a cause.

We’ll do the second-ever live edition of our beloved Disasters series, read/perform some of the most Fullcast-ian shit from my upcoming novel, do the usual book-launch-event stuff, and generally get some fellowshipping done, all for charity — at an excellent brewery with enormous lightsaber-dinosaur murals.

And we’ll have some other guests to announce as well!

This week, we’re offering cheaper tickets. But once the choir starts singing and the altar call starts, we’ll need to request larger tithes. (The building fund demands it. You understand.)

Tickets here icymi.