HELL IS A WORLD WITHOUT YOU events, interviews, reviews, and more

Hello, sports journalist and religion podcaster Jason Kirk here. My exvangelical coming-of-age novel — Hell Is a World Without You — is good, according to a bunch of people linked below.

A best-seller according to USA Today’s booklist, Bookshop.org, IndieReader, and a handful of Amazon lists, it enabled me to pledge over $50,000 to LGBTQ charity the Trevor Project, with $46,000 already donated.

The book is available pretty much everywhere paperbacks, ebooks, and hardcovers are sold. Audiobook is in the works.

If you’d like to talk about getting a review copy, doing an interview, hosting an event, or some other idea we haven’t tried yet, holler: jasonkirkbook at g mail dot com.

Upcoming IRL book events:

  • Wednesday, April 24, 7 p.m. CT in the English building (room 301) at the University of Alabama. Free book signing/reading/Q&A/etc with profs Mike Altman (religious studies) and Van Newell (English). Hardcovers available for sale. And then we’re headed to the bar.

More to come. If you’d like to host us (I am not very picky about details and do not want to deal with most of them personally, but LOVE to show up at places), holler: jasonkirkbook at gmail.

Completed IRL book events:

  • Monday Night Garage in Atlanta with the Shutdown Fullcast:

  • Northstreet Taproom in Madison, Wisconsin with Mason Mennenga and Matt Brown: Audio on our Patreon

  • Pendleton Bookshop near Clemson, South Carolina with Anna Sandy Elrod, Shannon Finck, and Joshua Martin

  • A Novel Idea in Philadelphia with my kid

  • St. Clare's Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor with Jane Coaston and Ace Anbender: Video to come

  • Also at St. Clare’s in Ann Arbor: I preached during their Sunday morning service. Audio to come on our Patreon

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Once again, if you wanna talk about doing any of this sorta thing: jasonkirkbook at g mail dot com.